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December 1, 2011 / brksavage

The Perfect Day: The Then Story

YES! Don’t you love a day that was perfect, and you didn’t expect it.

It just started as a typically Thursday. School was school in till I got to push giant boxes down the hallway. It was super fun; and made me hyper. For the next hour, I said the weirdest things.

Then, I got  a 95% on a quiz. YAY FOR A+! Well, just an A.

Then, I went to my mom’s work and collect lots of cans for my schools food drive, which is nice cause now I have a lot to donate!

Then, we went to a natural food market. Its like a little field trip to me, cause I get to try different things and eat it. I went straight to look at the sushi. Normally, I don’t trust store sushi, but this one was really good.

Then, while I was reading the funnest and cutest cards ever, my went to buy some chips for her, but she came back with organic carrot cake with cream cheese icing.SO, so, so,so, good. Carrot Cake is the best. That was so sweet. It was nice treat.

Then, we started to shop at the market, but we both got caught up in the organic creams and mask. We decided that for our stocking stuffers, that is the place that we are going.

Then, I got my first batch of nutritional yeast! The whole reason why went to this specific store.

Then, I rocked out to some really old David Cook till my throat hurt all the way home!

So, good day, really good day.

Sorry for the thens!

Love, Katie

November 29, 2011 / brksavage

Nothing Special

Hi again. I am writing again? YES. heheheh.

SO, what I know about the internet is this:

You have to be special,different, creative, and most of all entertaining to get followers.

Because who wants to read something that is boring? If I get bored with something, I move on. And, that is super easy to do on the internet because all you have do it click! Well, of course, you know that especially if you are reading this.

But, what makes me special? What makes you follow me and read my post?

For some, I am sure it’s just people being themselves. Those are the entertainer type of people. You all know that person. My best friend is one of those. She is hilarous. According to you, I’ll call her Tina. She is the one who is always starting the jokes in my group of friends. She does voices and all. Tina wants to be a writer for Jimmy Fallon or SNL, and I believe that she can. She is just that person.

The others who have followers are people who specialize in a certain subject. Example: Fatfree vegan (blog)= creates vegan recipes. MysteryGuitarMan (youtube)=awesome musical videos. All these people separate themselves from the crowd. They are the creative type.

So, what makes me different? Does it come natuarlly? Or, am I creating and specializing in something?

I don’t think I am funny, and I know that this isn’t creative. So, what does that leave me?

For now, I don’t think that I will be anything. I think I will just be me. True to me.

If you like me, I would love to get to know you. If you hate me, Goodbye…. (you are the weakest link…Goodbye).

Love, Katie.




November 28, 2011 / brksavage

Day 2: Warning….This is heavy stuff.

Did I just find my new obsession? Yes, I think I just did.

Welcome to my second blog post. I would like to talk to yall about bullying and suicide. Isn’t such a happy subject? (aka…sarcasm).

We all have heard those tragic bully suicide stories in the news. Sometimes we get so disconnected from these stories because we forget that they are real people. Real people who lives could have been saved. It is just upsetting to me that we, we as human beings, are influencing others to take their own lives. How could this happen? Have our society become so cruel and just plain on mean that we don’t care what others’ feels?

Yes, I am guilty of it too. But, what teenager isn’t? I talk about people behind their backs. I pretend that I am friends with people when I am not (which is the biggest and truly the meanist thing that anyone can do to someone else). I judge others based on how they act and what they wear before I get to know them.  Then, I make excuses about these things, so I can get away with it and still count myself as a good person. Well, that is a problem within itself. (Don’t you hate me right now?)

I blame others for my own wrong doings. I am cruel,and mean. Just like the rest of my society.

Now, that I identified it. How can I change it? I need to change myself first. I need to let my “friends” know how I feel and/or make an effort to actually become friends with them. I need to not judge people. I need to not talk about others behind their backs.

What do you do which classifies as bullying? Are you willing to change? How? Are you in with me?

1 person changed.

the rest of society to go.


November 27, 2011 / brksavage

Well, Hello.

Hi, I’m new at this. Really new actually. I was scanning my vegan blogs, looking for recipes when I came across a link to go to another blog. This one was one wordpress. And, her blog looked so…clean.neat. and pretty. And, she is a vegetarian/vegan hippie type of girl….which is what I want to be. So, without thinking, I created this blog…..ummm about 10 minutes ago. So, I don’t know actually how to use this, but I will figure it out with time. IF I STICK WITH IT.

That is the biggest problem with me actually. I start many things, yet I never complete them, or randomly stopping doing it. For example, I put videos on youtube for a while….recently stopped because of my computer’s sickness (aka…the internet stopped working). I started organizing my parents piles of photographs during the Hurricane Irene. My parents got so mad at me for not finishing the project, they made me through all my beautiful organized piles in the cabinet on the day of their Halloween party. Did I mention that Hurricane Irene was in August? I start numerous exercise/diets which quickly fail within a week.

So, yeah. I’m a mess.

But, hey. I am me. And, nothing can change that.

Nice to meet you too.